Saturday, February 15, 2014


I just mixed in my 'Wing Night' blend into my Ramen, and It was delicious!

….Hmmmm what else can I mix these in with?

Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Next?

There is much to be done. I still need to get a  sizable supply of peppers. more dehydrators and grinders to make the processing go much faster. And I am going to need  Your Help 

1. I need to grow more peppers myself. I have various non super hot seeds.  When will I start this? I plan to start potting the seeds soon so they will be big enough to survive outside in the spring.

 I'm going to need help with getting some of those super hot seeds I mentioned earlier. my grinds as of right now are all flavor with mild to no heat. I want to fix that so the super spicy fans will enjoy my products as well.

2. I need to innovate, by creating a aquaponics system. I already have a small scale aquaponics system made with only goldfish and some stands holding the peppers up only allowing the roots to get wet.

I'm going to need help with better system design ideas. my system is amateur at best I want it to be my cornerstone of my growing process 

3. I need to make more product. This isn't really Something that you can help with but encouragement is always welcome. This will start as soon as my plants start producing peppers.

4. I need to spread the word, Why? I need people to know what I'm doing and want my product or want to help me get this thing going in earnest. When will I start this? Right now! so tell your friends tell your family let everyone know something big this way cometh.

But for right now I need to Thank, A special shout out to all who have helped already, my friends, family, and especially my few kickstarter donators.

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