Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All Stocked Up!!!

Hey everybody, its Big Diehl of BigDiehlPeppers
I just finished making my first full batch of flavors. Its a very limited quantity but more than enough to spread the flavor out amongst you folks that would like to give'em a try. 

I also have new big diehl peppers buttons  selling for $2 each

Whoever buys the last of my inventory gets 1/2 off their next bottle and a free button.

My flavors are as follows

Heat Wave (Hot)

Smoke Bomb (Smoky-Hot)

Wild Mild (Mild-Hot)

Rocky's Mild Grind (Smoky-Mild)

Wing Night (Smoky-Mild)

Each bottle sells for $10

Thats just the beginning I have new flavors in store for you guys that are in the testing phase.  I'll produce them in number if this round of taste tests go well and I sell all of my current inventory

Delicious things are coming
and its definitely a Big Diehl