Sunday, June 4, 2017

Garden planted

Hey everyone,
Big Diehl here. I've been under the weather for the past month. Which caused me to fall behind on planting  my little leafy children.
But thanks to my loving wife and some really great friends, my plants are nestled in their beds.
The peppers living in my garden this growing season are as follows:
Carolina Reaper
Naga Morich
Bhut  Jolokia
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Cherry Bomb
Cajun Bell
Lunchbox Orange
I'm  trying some new things out to see how well they do with my setup. I'll keep posting new pics periodically to show the progress.
From all of us here at Big Diehl Peppers
Stay spicy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home made weed killer

Hey folks,
A while back we mentioned a home made weed killer that we found on Pinterest, At first we were very skeptical about it. But hey try anything once, right?

We knew if we were going to try this out, we would have to document it so we could share the results with all of you guys. So, below are our findings in our home made weed killer experiment.


Mix salt, dish soap and vinegar in an old dish soap squirting bottle.
(The old dish soap bottle works great so you can aim)

Our proportions were
1/4 salt
1/4 dish soap
1/2 vinegar

Shake until mixed and bring your gardening wrath to bear upon those nasty weeds!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Facebook Featured Pepper Series

Featured Pepper: Jalapeño
The jalapeño is a medium-sized chili pepper pod type cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum.
Possibly the most widely recognized chili pepper, not to mention the most widely used. The Jalapeño is used in everything from nacho toppings to bringing the heat in salsa. These little fellows pack a punch though so beware. Boasting a 2,500-8,000 SHU it's the perfect place to begin getting adventurous with chilis. I myself use them quite a lot in my Pepper Grinds.
Grinds that include Jalapeno are :
Rocky's Mild Grind
Wild Mild
Heat Wave

Featured Pepper : Poblano
The poblano is a mild chili pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho, from the Mexican Spanish name ancho ("wide") or chile ancho ("wide chile"). Stuffed fresh and roasted.
These delectable peppers have a slight smoky flavor even before they've met any actual smoke. I personally love these peppers these are one of my most utilized peppers for their smoky taste in my blends.
Grinds that include Poblano peppers are :
Wing Night
Rocky's Mild Grind
Rib Lover
Smoke Bomb
Sweet Hurt

Featured Pepper : Cayenne
The cayenne pepper, also known as the Guinea spice, cow-horn pepper, red hot chili pepper, aleva, bird pepper. It is a cultivar of Capsicum annuum related to bell peppers, jalapeños, paprika, and others.
Most commonly used in a powdered form, however, these skinny little peppers have a fiery secret. The rate 30,000-50,000 SHU. They are little red powerhouses when it comes to heat. I use these a bit in my milder blends to give that hot punch without burning your face off.
Grinds that include Cayenne Pepper :
Wing Night
Rocky's Mild Grind
Wild Mild

Featured Pepper : Habanero
Unripe habaneros are green, and they color as they mature. Common colors are orange and red, but white, brown, yellow, green, and purple are also seen. Habanero chilis are very hot, rated 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale.
Bringing the heat with a touch of citrus flavor the habanero is not for the uninitiated into the world of chilis. No one will judge you if the Habanero is too hot for your to handle.
Grinds that include Habanero :
Smoke Bomb
Heat Wave
Sweet Hurt