About Big Diehl

Terry Diehl was raised in a small town in south central PA. Living in the country allowed him the benefit of learning to garden and work hard for the things that he wanted. From a young age it was evident that he loved the spicy and hot things in life. From spicy chicken sandwiches to blazing cajun seafood wraps this boy loved to chase the heat. While in his teens he discovered how much he loved more than just the blind heat, but also the array of flavors around it.

Now as an adult he's experimented enough to understand the mixing of flavors. With this knowledge he crafted his first pepper blend, a full shaker labeled simply "Do Not Sniff". Through friends and family his prized first blend went very quickly, and only lasted one summer. So then he had to make more.

What started as a simple blend slowly began brewing in his brain until he came up with several more. Then his several blends went through experiment after experiment each refined to have their own unique flavor.

Then Terry thought there must be others out there that love the full flavor that peppers offer as much as he did. Thats when 'Big Diehl Peppers' was born, with the help of his wife and friend Terry slowly started building the company, and is still building today. 

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