How do I access the contact form on the mobile site?

You can access the contact form and other side bar extras (like subscribing via email) by scrolling down to the bottom of the mobile site and Clicking "View Web Version" then the site will reload as the web version and you will have access to any side bar extras.

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How can I follow this Blog?

1. To follow the site via Google+ click the 'join this site' Icon
2. To Sign in with another site (Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog, OpenID) click 'sign in' from here you can share via a wide variety of sites to show your support (MUCH APPRECIATED!)
3. To simply Follow via email submit your email address and then complete the pop-up

Jessica asks: What makes ours different?

Thank you for asking Jessica, Thats a very important question, The first thing is once i get my garden going I will be using all natural fertilizer and will not use any chemical pest control. I want to stay in touch with my product and make sure that each blend is crafted with care. I will also be constantly striving to keep improving my blends to better satisfy my customer's evolving tastes, I want to grow with my customers not just grow because of them, and that means seriously including them in the development of new tastes. That also means that my blends will be ever-changing, No stale ideas here.

How can I ask a question?

Simply fill out the contact form on the side bag in this blog.

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