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A good starter for the person not so used to heat, this blend give you the sweetness that peppers can offer. What it has is a wonderful slight smokiness and a very mild heat to bring a kick to anything it's sprinkled on.

Rocky's Mild Grind brings all the smoky goodness of my wing night blend and adds a bigger kick from extra cayenne and a touch of jalapeno. A fan favorite.

Sweet, sweet, smoky goodness. Rib Lover goes  well with anything you'd want to put bbq sauce on. its all that bbq flavor without the need for napkins.

just enough kick for the uninitiated into the world of the hot stuff.
It has a spiciness that goes well with everything. This mild has a wild side.

Fans of smoky flavor will enjoy this blend thoroughly.
It has a well balanced smoky taste with a slight heat that creeps up on you.
Great for anything on the grill.

Classic triple threat, but still in the minor leagues.  After a taste it starts with a mild heat from the cherry bomb, it builds to the jalapeƱo, finally giving the tongue toasting burn of spicy habanero. 

Turning up the heat and the sweet here with Sweet Hurt. A floral citrus taste from habanero peppers blended  with a super sweet cubanelle to make this blend a wonderful combination for any summer flavors.

my second hottest blend. Wildfire brings all it can. Smoke, citrus,
and a whole lotta burn to bear in this wicked blend.

cranking the temperature up on Sweet Hurt and you get this delicious
but fiery one two punch of heat and sweet.

Not for the faint of heart nor weak of stomach. My hottest blend brings all the heat these fiery heavyweights have to offer. using the last three hottest peppers in the world this blend is more than most can handle.

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